Introducing V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer. Introductory Offer


Introducing V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer. Introductory Offer

V2 Pro is a groundbreaking line of vaporizers that is raising the bar for the entire category. All-purpose devices capable of vaporizing three types of ingredients, V2 Pro delivers options and performance at a value unmatched by any other system on the market.

  • Cartridges and charging cord secure magnetically.
  • Single-body construction reduces risk of breaks and leaks.
  • Exterior is sleek and stylish.
  • A great fit for beginning or experienced consumers.

V2 Cigs Series 3, the first model in V2® Pro line of advanced vaporizers. Like all V2 Pro vaporizers, Series 3 is capable of vaporizing e-liquid, loose leaf, and essential oils through a smart cartridge system. Better than any tank system on the market, V2 Pro vaporizers feature magnetic drop-in cartridges for optimal ease-of-use, and a magnetic breakaway charger – no more threading necessary! Check your Ego, and discover why the 3-in-1 capability of V2 Pro is the most ground-breaking portable vaporiser on the market. These powerful devices offer unique style and premium performance with seamless versatility.


V2 Pro Review is an outstanding one with all positive results. I was very surprised by the amount of vapor it puts out. It holds its own against the bigger battery mod styles on the market. E-liquid cart was really easy to fill and the magnetic connectors for the charger and carts are convenient and just plain cool. Battery life is as long as the halo triton, but the Series 3 is a lot smaller and feels more comfortable in your hand.

The magnetic connecters on the series are amazing. There’s nothing like them in the industry. No threading. Makes it a lot easier to replace cartridges. The battery life on this device when you’re using the liquid cart is really incredible. I’ve used Series 3 for several days in a row without having to recharge. Love my V2Pro. It feels like a high tech device.

The V2 Pro Series 3 Kit includes one vaporizer, one magnetic USB charging cord and one e-liquid cartridge. Available vaporizer colors include Black, Stainless Steel and Blue. Get instant savings when you bundle additional cartridges and accessories with your Series 3 Kit. v2 pro Series3 Vaporizer Kit Specs

The V2 Pro Series 3 base kit is available for $59.99 which is up for order now. The other two new V2 Pro series 7 and Series 9 will be available by fall this year and start of 2015 respectively.

You can try our exclusive V2 Pro Coupon code: idreamz and save 15% on the starter kit. You can use our v2 pro coupon code: invincible to save 10% on anything else you buy. So, try the latest v2 pro coupon for 2014 and save 15% flat on any v2 starter kit. You can also use our coupon code on v2 cigs products and vapor couture products.

V2 Pro

Green Smoke $30 Off Independence Day – 4th July Sale


Green Smoke $30 Off Independence Day – 4th July Sale

Green Smoke is please to announce their biggest sale of July. Green Smoke Independence Day Sale brings you a massive saving of up to $30. The more you buy the more you save.

The Green Smoke 4th of July celebrations are getting started early, because tomorrow we are launching our Independence Day Sale! Running from tomorrow (July 3rd) and through July 7th, your readers will be able to take advantage of some major savings. This sale is a customizable, so customers can choose their own sale to get the most savings possible. Here is the breakdown along with the coupon code for each:

Choose your own sale!
Save $10 on orders over $50! Coupon: 4THJULY10
Save $15 on orders over $75! Coupon: 4THJULY15
Save $20 on orders over $100! Coupon: 4THJULY20
Save $30 on orders over $150! Coupon: 4THJULY30


Green Smoke is ranked in top of the electronic cigarettes of 2014. Green Smoke is known for its rich flavour and massive amount of vapour it produces. Top notch customer services adds a plus to its branding.

Green Smoke® has put tremendous effort in not just giving you an alternative to tobacco smoking but completely revolutionizing your entire smoking experience. While the electronic cigarette might be a sophisticated piece of technology, there’s nothing new to learn and it’s extremely easy to use. Simply inhale just like the traditional cigarettes you’re used to.

Green Smoke Starter Kits are the easiest and most economical way to begin enjoying Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes. They come with everything you need: batteries, cartridges (flavored cartridges), chargers, and more. Green Smoke FlavorMax™ Cartridges hold the flavored nicotine liquid. Eight exciting flavors and counting. Five nicotine strengths from zero to strong. Sure to produce lots of smoke and robust flavor!


10% Off All Items

Use Coupon Code: DISC10-28393
Spend At Least $100. No Restrictions. Doesn’t Expire.

5% Off All Items

Use Coupon Code: DISC5-28393
Orders below $100. No Restrictions. Doesn’t Expire.

Green Smoke July Coupons

V2 Cigs July coupon codes. 15% Off coupons. Storewide Sale.


V2 Cigs July coupon codes. 15% Off coupons. Storewide Sale.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes are the top rated ecig brand of 2014. They are retaining this position for the last three years and continue to do so this year too. This summer V2 Cigs have revamped their entire v2 line up with the introduction of V2 Ex cartridges and batteries. The redesigned internal structure of the EX Cartridge produces  approximately 400+ puffs, roughly double that of our classic prefilled model, without adding any volume to the cartridge size. V2 Cigs July coupon codes can be used to buy V2 Ultimate Ex kit and you can save 15% flat on top of it.

Order the V2 cigs limited edition Mint Chocolate Truffle cartridges and save 10% by using our v2 cigs july coupon: invincible. You could also try the new traditional or mango e-liquids available in 60ml from v2 cigs. They are available in different nicotine strength of your choice.

15% OFF on V2 Cigs Starter Kit: idreamz
10% OFF on E-Liquids, Cartridges, Batteries and Accessories: invincible

V2 Cigs – Introducing V2 Cigs EX Battery!

V2 Cigs NEW and revolutionary battery design series are now out. This cool long lasting  battery offers excellent features and new levels of customization…wait until you see our matching cartridge sleeves! Five glowing LED lights on the side of the battery indicate the level of charge remaining with each puff. Get extra 10% off on V2 Cigs accessories by using coupon code: invincible

V2 Cigs July Coupons

Premium Vapes 10% Off Coupon Code July. Storewide Sale Hurry!!

Premium Vapes Ecigs Coupon

Premium Vapes 10% Off Coupon Code July. Storewide Sale Hurry!!

Premium Vapes Electronic Cigarette is not a new brand in ecig industry. Maintaing the top positions last year this year they are back with a bang. Premium Vapes have redesigned their entire products and also introduced some decent quality products for the users.

Introducing the Premium Vapes EGO Kit for eliquid! These new kits come in colors: black, silver, platinum, gold, blue, and coffee! Now Premium Vapes offer e-liquid kits to be used with the e-liquid and nicotine strength of your choice. You can chose premium quality e-liquids in 16 or 24 mg with the flavour of your choice. What’s great is you can use our exclusive premium 10% off coupon code for july and save 10% flat.

Premium Vapes 10% off coupon code for july can also be used in conduction with the new clearomizers which offer the same great experience as out cartridges, just in eLiquid form! Simply purchase a pack of clearomizers today and fill them with your favorite eLiquids. Attach the clearomizer to your battery and enjoy up to 25 refills with just one clearomizer!

DO NOT FORGET!! to use our coupon code: invincible to SAVE a total of 10% on the entire kit. This is an exclusive Premium Vapes Coupon code offer for july which is valid for a limited time only. Grab yourself a bargain.

SAVE 10% on all Premium Vapes Starter Kits
by using Vapor Couture Coupon Code: invincible

Premium Vapes July Coupons

Vapor King 15% Off Coupon Code July. Independence Day Sale

vapor king coupon code july

Vapor King 15% Off Coupon Code July. Independence Day Sale

The Vapor King e-cigarette team is made up of long time smokers who understand exactly what is needed to create a realistic smoking experience. From the first puff on the Vapor King you can expect a clean, crisp and thick vapor, with a nice throat hit… just like the real thing. This makes vapor king a major hit among heavy smokers. They are simple and yet effective. You will not be disappointed with the throat hit and the amount of vapor  vapor king produces.

Vapor King July Coupon code is now out. Use our exclusive vapor king 15% off coupon code: invincible and save 15% on vapor king starter kits of your choice. This July celebrate Independence day by using our exclusive Vapor King Coupon Code: invincible and Save Flat 15% on any Vapor King Starter Kits you buy.

Vapor King’s new premium lineup of Storm Electronic Cigarettes gives you an extraordinary throat hit with more vapor and battery power. You can buy it by using our vapor king coupon code for july and save 15%.

Vapor King July Coupons

Vapor Couture 15% Off Coupon Code July. Independence Day Sale

Vapor Couture Coupon July

Vapor Couture 15% Off Coupon Code July. Independence Day Sale

Vapor Couture started with the only e-cigs brand for women. Vapor Couture reinvented traditional looking electronic cigarettes to a much sleeker and beautiful looking e-cigs for women. Something that a beautiful women deserves. Now Vapor Couture has changed their entire lineup with new designs and more beautiful accessories without compromising the quality of the product. Vapor Couture is no doubt our number one electronic cigarette brand for women.

Vapor Couture July coupon codes are now out. This independence day through july save big on your favourite vapor couture starter kit by using our coupon code: idreamz and save 15% flat off. You can also refill your cartridges and accessories for an extra 10% off by using coupon code: invincible

Vapor Couture 15% off coupon code for july is valid on all vapor couture starter kits and vapor couture 10% off coupon code gets you everything else. This july celebrate your independence day with vapor couture.

Vapor Couture July 2014 COUPON CODE – 15% OFF

15% OFF on Vapor Couture Starter Kits: idreamz
10% OFF on E-Liquids, Cartridges, Batteries and Accessories: invincible

Vapor Couture Coupon Code July

Vapor Zone 25% Off Coupon Code. Independence Day E-Cigs Sale.

Vapor Zone Independence Day Sale July

Vapor Zone 25% Off Coupon Code. Independence Day E-Cigs Sale.

Vapor Zone is a a brand name now in the world of electronic cigarettes. They are the best and innovative designers of an extraordinary and powerful ecig brand. Vapor Zone offer electronic cigarettes in a variety of colors, styles, and models to fit your vaping needs. July Independence Day is Vapor Zone savings day which means you get 25% off vapor zone starter kits, e-liquids, accessories and everything else you buy through Monday, July 7. Click on the banner above and avail vapor zone 25% off coupon code for independence day.

Vapor Zone has 6 different starter kits that can be found here.  However, we feel that the Jet is the most cost effective and practical of them all. Nobody in the e-cig industry is doing what VaporZone does. Truly the next level in e-cig technology. If you’re tired of the standard e-cigs you see elsewhere, you will find what you’re looking for at VaporZone. The best of the best.

This July celebrate Independence Day with one of the best ecig brands and save a whopping 25% off on everything you buy on vapor zone. Click on the 25% off vapor zone coupon code banner below to avail the discount. Hurry!! offer valid from now through Monday only.


V2 Cigs 50% Off Coupon June – 50% Off Vapor Couture

V2 Cigs 50% Off Coupon - 50% Off Vapor Couture June

V2 Cigs 50% Off Coupon – 50% Off Vapor Couture – June 2014

Save on V2® and Vapor Couture™ Starter Kits & Flavor Cartridges – June 27-30.CSave 50% on All Starter Kits & 35% on Flavor Cartridges at V2 Cigs Shop V2 on June 27-30 to save 50% on all V2 Starter Kits and 35% on Flavor Cartridges. Pick up a 40-pack of EX Cartridges for only $48.71. Discounts applied at checkout.

Get 50% off VC Starter Kits & 35% off Flavor Cartridges
From June 27-30, shop online at Vapor Couture to save 50% on any VC Starter Kit and 35% on any of your favorite VC Flavor Cartridges. Prepare to go all out this summer and treat yourself to a Maximale Kit – usually $199.95; you’ll get it during this promotion for $99. Your discount is applied at checkout.

V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture are shelling a massive discount on their Starter Kits and Cartridges. This is the biggest SALE V2 has to offer from the history of its existence. This is big and this saves you more. Top Rated Electronic Cigarettes of 2014, now this June 27th-30th 2014, you can buy any V2 Cigs or Vapor Couture Starter Kits and SAVE 50% Off your total price by using our exclusive V2 cigs 50% off coupon code and 50% of vapor couture. Use our exclusive coupon code for Starter Kits: idreamz

If you are looking to re-stock your v2 cigs and vapor couture cartridges then you have a treat. Buy your favourite cartridges and SAVE 35% Off your total price by using our v2 cigs and vapor couture 35% off coupon code for Cartridges:invincible


You can grab the top higher end V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit worth $149.95 for only $75.72 by using our coupon code: idreamz or you can grab your favourite V2 Cigs maximum 80 Packs of flavoured Cartridges worth $84 for only $75.56 by using our 35% off coupon code: invincible There are a variety of six V2 Cigs starter kits to choose from to suit your need. Click Here



Vapor Couture has a wide variety of 4 exclusive kits to suit your lady need. Vapor couture is the only top rated electronic cigarette exclusively for woman. You can grab the higher end Vapor Couture Passeport Starter Kit worth $149.95 for only $75 by using our Vapor Couture 50% Off Coupon Code: idreamz or you can restock your vapor couture cartridges pack and save 35%. Grab your favourite Vapor Couture 40 pack cartridges worth $74.95 for only $42 by using our vapor couture 35% off coupon code for cartridges: invincible


777 Ecigs Coupon May – Save 15%

777 Ecigs Coupon May

777 Ecigs Coupon May – An excellent product with a variety of choices.

777 E-Cigs have earned heights in the e-cig industry in a very small time. 777 E-cigs offer products from entry level starter kits to advanced Mods. 777 E-Cigs offers Electronic cigarettes and hookahs, e-Liquid, e-Shisha, Kangertech, Innokin, Efest Batteries. They offer over 520 items which is in stock with 49 e-Liquid flavours. 16 signature cartridge flavors, Classic tobacco, and other tobacco, menthol flavor variations taste good. This is awesome.

If you want a reliable tank style e-cig that requires virtually zero maintenance, want to try a wide variety of nicotine flavors without buying new e-cigs each time then you are at a right place. Go grab 777 Ecigs You won’t be disappointed.

777 Ecigs Coupon May – 15% Off Starter Kits

Click the coupon below to reveal our exclusive 777 Ecigs coupon May is good for 15% off on all starter kits. The 777 Ecigs site will automatically open in a new window. Simply type in the code at checkout to receive your discount.

777 ecigs coupon may

The 777 Ecigs produced an excellent vapor almost every time we took a puff. If you choose the manual battery, it takes no effort at all to get a big vapor cloud. The main thing we absolutely loved about the 777 e-cigs was the ease of refilling the tank. We could rattle off so many different e-cig brands that make it unnecessarily difficult to refill the e-juice. Not so with 777. The mouthpiece screws off, there is plenty of room surrounding the center tubing to pour in the liquid, you screw the mouthpiece back on and you’re ready to vape. Why can’t all e-cigs be so easy? This electronic cigarette brand is a must try. You will not be disappointed. If you are looking to switch then you should try 777 E-Cigs. Now with our exclusive 777 E-Cigs offer you can buy any starter kit and get 15% off by using our 777 e-cigs coupon may: invincible

By using our exclusive 777 ecigs coupon you can save 15% today. Simply use our 777 ecigs coupon may: invincible at the checkout page and you are good to go. Hurry!! This is a limited use offer.

777 Ecigs

V2 Cigs E-Liquid Kit – 15% Off Coupon

V2 Cigs E-liquid Kit

Introducing V2 Cigs E-Liquid Kit – 15% Off

The V2 Cigs E-Liquid Kit is your perfect introduction to the e-liquid experience. V2 Cigs included a pack of top-performing EX Blanks and your choice of two e-liquid flavors, plus two V2 Batteries customizable in your preferred color, length and power switch. An easy solution for any first-timer, the V2 Cigs E-Liquid Kit comes with everything you need to get started.

The V2 Cigs E-Liquid Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 V2 Batteries
  • 2 V2 Platinum E-Liquid 25 ML Bottles
  • 1 Pack of EX Blanks (3 Blanks per Pack)
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Smart Charger
  • 1 V2 User Manual

A V2 Starter Kit featuring e-liquid would be a logical addition to V2 Cigs product offerings (plus now you get 15% off this kit by using our exclusive v2 coupon code: idreamz)

V2 Cigs Coupon 15% Off – Avail it Today!

If you are tired of using expensive cartridges and hate refilling it. Well, V2 Cigs have something new to offer. This 2014 V2 Cigs brings to you the latest V2 Cigs E-Liquid Kit. Easy to refill and now with much power. Whats even great is you can buy the v2 cigs kit today and avail 15% off by using our v2 cigs coupon: idreamz

Use our exclusive V2 Cigs coupon: idreamz and get 15% on any V2 Cigs Kit and 10% off by using coupon: invincible on anything else you buy on v2 cigs. Hurry!! Limited time offer.

V2 Cigs Standard E-Liquid Kit